Tuscany BlueWork is not always required. There is such a thing as sacred idleness.

— George MacDonald


Poems have always transported me into the space of sacred idleness. A space where I can just be. A space where I am free to simply indulge in things that make me happy. A secret hideaway where you don’t need to count the chocolates you are gulping down at great speed as you indulge in the beauty of poetry. And most of all it is a world where things can be perfect for a few moments. Everything else can wait.

Come join me, let’s get carried away in this space of sacred idleness. Let’s rest awhile, freshen up and see what we otherwise cannot see.


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Broken Dreams

I strode out of home with my bag of goodies;
I didn’t want to see Mom, and any of the bulli.....

Unfailing Love

The Lord of the supper has risen; He is coming soon!
Get ready O sun and stars, you planets a.....

My Sea

It’s the smell of the sea, isn’t it?
It makes you miss home and your own
sea out t.....

A Spring Haiku

The colours of spring
on the wings of butterflies
new hope, giving life......

The Storm

The waters warm and playful walked in gentle waves around my feet.

Tickling, tingling.....

Vote For Me

They said I should speak and share;
tell them why they should vote for me.
It was my b.....

A Poem for my niece, Rebecca.

I looked up poems for my dear niece,

But none of them were apt!

So I m.....

The Gypsy Thieves of Wien

The Gypsy Thieves of Wien
They broke in.....