Another Loss, Another Gain

Another Loss, Another Gain


Roger Federer lost once again.


Then Thiem surprised and looked promising.


I got involved and saw him lose to Nadal.


I was comforted and told it is only a game!


I wish it were. It is not just a game. It is so much more!


It is a battle.


It is a four-hour saga.


It is about determination and courage; it is about losing outwardly, but having crossed many barriers and taking one giant step closer to the goal post.


It hurts.


We have been there many times in varied situations and battles in our own lives.


At times I identify with the winner and at other times with the loser .


Perhaps as I grow older I identify more with those who lose, because I know now that winning is momentarily rewarding, it makes for a good memory and worldly recognition, but losses enrich you within. They get you ready for the big win, they teach you to fight for the win that matters, the eternal win. And then it is worth the loss for now. It is only for now and if you let it do its thing, you will find your reward.

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