Advent, the beginning of an event.

Advent, the beginning of an event.


It is a snowy day today, everything has turned a magical white outside my window and it creates a sense of urgency within me. Yes, Christmas is around the corner and it is time to prepare for this event.


I was at Foyle’s in London a few weeks ago and I found myself inclining towards Christmas books and poems like the one written by Janet Morley, ‘haphazard by starlight’


Here is a poem for you written by Rawan Williams:




He will come like last leaf’s fall.

One night when the November wind

has flayed the trees to bone, and earth

wakes choking on the mould,

the soft shroud’s folding.


He will come like frost.

One morning when the shrinking earth

opens on mist, to find itself

arrested in the net

of alien sword-set beauty.


He will come like dark.

One evening when the bursting red

December sun falls up the sheet

and penny-masks its eye to yield

the star-snowed fields of sky.


He will come, will come,

will come like crying in the night,

like blood, like breaking,

as the earth writhes to toss him free.

He will come like child.


Advent is a time of waiting. I want to feel the movement of time through its length, in waiting for His coming ……

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