There is no formula in these matters. I have no recipe, no tablets. Writers are trained in so many individual ways that it is not for us to prescribe.

Scripture itself is not systematic; the New Testament shows the greatest variety. God has shown us that he can use any instrument. Balaam’s ass, you remember, preached a very effective sermon in the midst of his ‘hee-haws.’”

–The Final Interview of C.S. Lewis




is my first book.

I have been meaning to write books for a very long time now but like some of us, I did not believe it in my ability to do so. I would not have had the patience to see it through as well.

The divine company of books over the years, written by outstanding authors like C. S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, Malcom Muggeridge, Francis A. Schaeffer and Oswald Chambers to name a few, inspired me and got me going at last! I wouldn’t like to leave you with the impression that I’m all solemn and serious–I do love reading Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson and books written by Roald Dahl. You can’t have enough of such beautifully written books with pictures, can you?

And now that I have written my first book, I have the itch to write more! I love poetry. You will find some free verses in Quicksand. Actually there is an entire book of poems in the making! I would love to attempt writing fiction as well; I have the plot. Perhaps I will write a mega thriller for you someday. I hope to write a dozen books or so and possibly then, I will have finally said what I want to say–the things that I want to describe; all that is stacked away in my heart.

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Please join me on my blog regularly. It’s more personal in there. We can talk about things that make us and break us. We can talk about day-to-day things. I live in the beautiful country of Austria. It is the land of imposing castles and cathedrals with a spectacular backdrop of majestic mountains, silver streams, and rivers merging into lush, green fields and fairy tale forests.

I love celebrating Nature. And I love celebrating the small things that happen each day, the people who walk into my life. There is always time to give, to share, to bless and to experience joy!

And to round it all up, for those of you who might be wondering about Balaam’s ass, you will find that story in the Bible. Look out for it in the book of Numbers, chapter 22. It’s a good one!