Quicksand is about the simple things, the real things. It is
about the men and women who do things. They distill the
noise, hear the melody, learn the lessons, and pay the price.
I salute them. Let me tell you the story of my gemstones. I
encourage you to find your own gems, to write your own
story as you dip into Quicksand . . . read on >>
In Quicksand, Jennifer Riegler salutes unsung heroes that others would pass by
without even seeing. Her lyrical prose and poignant poetry highlight these heroes
and open our eyes to see these courageous ones in their true light. This book will
challenge you to step out of your ordinary life and into an extraordinary life,
walking on quicksand sometimes but helping others in an amazing way. read on >>
As I went seeking and learning about gemstones, I
came upon an understated line: Material or flaws
within a stone may be present as inclusions. God’s
creation is flawless. You, me, the animals, mountains,
valleys, rivers, and the seas were perfectly
handcrafted by the Creator, and our flaws are part of
us. They are to be seen as inclusions. They give us
our personality and make us unique. Come, meet
some of my gemstones in Quicksand!. . . read on >>


Hi, I’m Jennifer.

Quicksand is my first book. Please click on Books at the top on the right side and you will find out what it is all about. Those wonderful illustrations in there are a gift from a very bright artist who lives in India . . . read on >>



Welcome to Inspirit: As you browse through my pictures and poems, I hope that it will inspire you to find your still moments, to pick up your pen and write a few lines, to stretch and lean back and let the striving cease…if only for a few moments.






‘You Met Me’ – Original composition by Andreas Riegler; Song production: Alexander Toth
Vocals: Christa Senz; Lyrics: Jennifer Riegler



Jennifer’s Blog

There is a time for everything, and a
season for every activity under the heavens.
– Ecclesiastes 3.

blogCome join me on my blog. Let’s talk about the seasons of life, let’s pause a bit and reflect.
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